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[19.09.2011] 10 Jahre NetDebit - 10 Jahre sichere(s) Zahlen im Internet
Das NetDebit Online Payment feiert in diesem Jahr sein 10-jähriges...
[23.04.2010] Do you have questions?
...about NetDebit in general, about payments over NetDebit or technical questions?
Please have a look...
[04.01.2010] NetDebit optimises customer service times
Our customers can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week now. One can get a complete overview...

Why can I not get access to the website I have paid for?

Did you enter access data according to the information in the confirmation email? If you still can't log in, it might be for the following reasons:
  • Security/firewall software may prevent a login. Check the software settings and reduce them to a minimum if necessary. Hints for the software Norton Internet Security (NIS) are available under appropriate entry. If your computer is part of a corporate network, please ask your administrator.
  • AOL software can prevent access to the website. Please use the Internet Explorer for visiting the website.
  • You have to allow cookies in your browser's security settings. If this is not the case, you cannot log in as well.
Do you have already taken these measures but you still can’t get access? Then feel free to contact our customer support.
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Why can I not get access to the website I have paid for?
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