Privacy Policy of NetDebitŪ GmbH for Customers

NetDebit welcomes you to our website and thanks you for your interest in our services. Customer satisfaction is NetDebit's main concern. For this reason it is guaranteed that personnel customer data is properly protected. NetDebit will treat all sensitive data with the highest confidentiality. To create the largest possible transparency the following will detail which customer data is extracted and used:

1. Scope and purpose of use of extracted data

Personnel data, that is individual information about personal or factual relationships of specific individuals or individuals to be specified are extracted or used, provided this is necessary for the justification, contextual design, change or termination of agreement relationships with the customer about providing the services via NetDebit. For this purpose especially data enabling the processing of business relationships, for the use of additional services of NetDebit and the fee calculation and invoicing are extracted and used. This data includes for example the customer name, address, form of payment (e.g. account information), telephone number and e-mail address.

2. Extracting/ Using and Deleting Inventory Data

  1. Solely information about the person (e.g. name and address) and the agreement characteristics (e.g. data about agreement closing, access data, etc.) that are necessary for justifying, processing and structuring the agreement are extracted and used.
  2. The inventory data are deleted in the calendar year following the termination of the agreement relationship, provided this data is not extracted and used pursuant to number 3 and / or 4 as utilization and / or billing data or based on legal provisions.

3. Extracting / Utilizing and Deleting User Data

  1. Data about the personal authorization identification (log-in name and password) and about transactions to be completed (e.g. assigning to participating content providers, fee amount, access data and form of payment) are extracted and used.
  2. The user data extracted is usually deleted or made anonymous after a transactions is completed, unless the data is extracted and used in accordance with points 2 and / or 4, as inventory and / or billing data or based on legal provisions. After a transaction has been completed the data will continue to be used, if it is necessary for completing other transactions, for billing purposes, or for other services which the NetDebit customers will utilize.

4. Fee Calculation and Invoicing

  1. The data required for calculating the fee and the invoicing is extracted and used. For this purpose the user data listed in number 3, the customer address and the data used to calculate the fee are extracted and processed. This also includes information about payments made, listing the posting date and if needed, data and information about customer cancellations completed.
  2. The data necessary to calculate the fee and for billing purposes are stored up to six months after sending the invoice to the customer. If objections are raised against the fee amount, or objections are raised before the 6 month storage period has expired, or if invoices are not paid, then the billing data is stored until the objections have been cleared or until the invoice has been paid. The data required for billing are only extracted or used beyond the timeframe mentioned in sentence 1 or 2 if these data are extracted and used in accordance with number 2 and/or 3 as inventory and / or user data, or based on legal provisions.

5. Treatment of data if indications of refusal to pay user fee

NetDebit may extract and use personal data for purposes of enforcing their own claims, provided there is actual evidence necessary to uncover and prevent acquiring services under false pretenses and other illegal utilization of NetDebit services.

6. Blocking Data

If legal, statutory or contractual storage periods stand in the way of deleting personal data that is no longer necessary for fulfilling the purpose of the storage, then in place of deletion the data is blocked.

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