NetDebit Gateways (interfaces)

In order to link to the NetDebit payment, make a gateway available to us on your server, which carries out the necessary steps in order to ensure that your customers have access to the booked offer.

NetDebit offers a selection of standard gateways to link the payment system with which the normal application cases are covered.

The Gateway is automatically contacted in the background by the NetDebit system after the booking has been carried out independent of browser activities by the customer. The transfer of the booking data is carried out by HTTP-Post.

NetDebit currently offers the following Gateway options:

Create a protected member area with the ePayment Gateway PHPProof

The PHPProof script is used to control a member area. This member area (Member-Area) is protected by htaccess protection from the Apache webserver per user via a password. Customers whose access period has expired are automatically deleted from the access list.

Use this script if it is possible for your web offering to store all the fee-based content below a directory or a URL path. In this way it is for example possible to make all the content to be protected of the offer available in

This script requires only the PHP script language on your server and the option of setting up password protection via htaccess. Nearly all hosting packages now offer these options. if you do not have PHP, we offer an alternative with HTProof for Perl.

HTProof - the payment Gateway to set-up a protected member area, programmed in Perl

HTProof was programmed in Perl and has the same purpose as PHPProof. If you would prefer to use a Perl script or if PHP is not available on your server, use HTProof.

JoomlaNDPay - Expand Joomla by a fee-based area

JoomlaNDPay is a simple option to expand the popular CMS (Content Management System) Joomla by a secure, fee-based area. You can easily manage your content as usual in Joomla and control availability easily via a group membership in the membership management.

For this purpose we describe an example of a configuration in the installation instructions using the Joomla components (expansion) JACLPlus and Mambot mosaddphp.

After successful implementation of the payment, the user is granted expanded access to your offers.

This script requires the PHP script language on your server like Joomla.

PHPGetFile to provide fee-based downloads with PHP

The PHPGetFile download script makes a limited number of downloads possible

the download files to be provided simply need to be copied into an allocation directory.

In contrast to PHPProof and HTProof, for which a membership is set up for a certain period, the PHPGetFile download script manages a limited number of downloads.

This script requires only the PHP script language on your server and the option of setting up password protection via htaccess. Almost all hosting packages now offer these options.

The individual NetDebitŪ payment Gateway

In addition to these standard Gateways, as a partner you have the option of providing us with a so-called individual Gateway. You can select those parameters for an individual Gateway from a list of booking parameters that are required so that you can process them.

Do you have any other questions?

If you have any further questions on the Gateway solutions offered or would like additional information, we would be delighted to receive a message from you!

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